Hear My True Story

For the first time ever in my life, I fell in love!

February 22, 2022 Otako Season 1 Episode 23
Hear My True Story
For the first time ever in my life, I fell in love!
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When we are young, innocent and pure, we always live our lives and dream big. To live those dreams, we work very hard, because we are only children. When we grow up, our lives change and we focus on the little things that we think are important, and then we live a life based on the choices we make as adults. My name is Kayiwa Nicholas, I am an actor and businessman in Uganda.

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when we are young and innocent and pure,we  always live our lives,we walk  and live big dreams .we work very hard to live those dreams, because we are  just kids, when we grow up our lives and focus changes to the minor things we consider important in our lives and then we live alife basing on choices we make as adults,

my name is Kayiwa Nicholas,I am an actor and a business man.

when I was  young  my dreams were big . i wanted to become one of the biggest lawyers in uganda , I studied very hard in myschool times both primary and high school to  have grades that would make me take  the law course. in 2014 i joined the university to Purseu the course of law .my first simester at the uni,was very exciting, I met new people,friends ,my life was really exciting and fun on the other hand,I was also focused on the course.in my second semester,I met some one  very special, some one very beautiful and loving " I thought"God fearing in my eyes, she was all that I wanted and for the first time in my life,I was in love.we started dating,we became the two loving birds that could not be stoped by any circumstances.our love was really great.two weeks  of my second year first semester, my girl friend had not come back but she kept on communicating that    she was coming. after days later, she called me and informed me that she was an able come back because she could not aford to get the first instalments of her tuition fees.now my girl friend was doing a different course from mine and mine was Abit expensive , so by the time she called me,my own tuition had  not yet been deposited but it was already sent to me by my mum.my mum is akind of woman that would make sure that things concerning school are sorted before anything else. to her,school was   always her first preriority.when my girlfriend said she was not coming I decided to give her a half of my tution so she could pay and when she came back i made a decision to discontinue with the law course and apply for the course that is much less on tuition so we could  share my tution. this decision my mum din't know about so she kept on giving me the same tuition thinking that I was doing a law course.i aplied the same course with her and from then, our love even became more stronger,three  years after, just close to my graduation I introduced this girl to my mum and my entire family, I sat down with my mum and told her that I din't make it for a law course coz I splited the tuition to share with the  agirl I loved my mum was really disappointed in the decisions I made she said '' son at least I played my part as a parent the rest is up to you. we both graduated I got a job in KCCA,and my girl friend got a job in my brothers organisation,we both started earning some little money.ayear after,2019 July 11th  at 12:30am  my girl friend called me that her mother got a strock and was badly I'll asked me to help her to take mum to the hospital,I borrowed my sister's car I rushed to my girl friends home I took her mum with my girl friend , together with her sister and we rushed to mengo hospital I made all the deposits that night in order the patients to receive medical attention,later she was admitted and for  three days the patient was really unstable but I always made sure that they get all that required to get her medical I used to visit them and check on them every day,I never got anything or negative energy from my girl friend all the time I visited them she  was always  very nice and so loving after a week the patient stablelised and was discharged from hospital.the day of discharge my girl friend called me and ask me if I could drive them back home but I was really far so I reaquested them to take an uber.it was two days after hospital,I got my phone to check on face book,I noticed a poster which had my girlfriends photo and another man inviting people to attend the launch of their first introduction meetings.at first I thought it was a joke,I could not believe what my eyes was seeing,I started developing stomach pains and constant headechs,I could not stop visiting the toilets,I could not stop I magining what I went through with the girl.i called my friend to tell him,he could not also believe and advise me to call my girl friend to confirm if what I was was true,I called my girl friend in tears  and she did comfirn that what I saw was true that she needed to tell me and explain in the right,from that day  my life was never left the same,I entered in the darkroom that I have never been able to live,I was left empty and confused and each day that passes by I keep on asking questions and I know I will never be able to find the right answers.