Hear My True Story

Why parents don't want their kids making art.

April 19, 2022 Otako Season 2 Episode 5
Hear My True Story
Why parents don't want their kids making art.
Hear My True Story
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Show Notes

In this episode, Katongole Henry Nathan, a well-known artist in Uganda-East Africa, tells his personal story of when he decided to make art his profession. None of his family members encouraged him, invested in him, or even believed he could survive as an artist. But it is not only him, most parents and families in Uganda-East Africa do not want their children to become artists or to study an art subject at university or high school; these art subjects include dance, theater, music, art and photography.

Hear My True Story Project in Kampala:
Hear My True Story Kampala is a collaborative project between the Hear My True Story podcast and Omuti Kreativ, an organization in Uganda. As part of the Hear My True Story Kampala project, we feature True Stories and Conversations about Real Life Experiences with Non-storytellers and Storytellers from Uganda.

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