Hear My True Story

Why migrant workers in Saudi Arabia have their passports taken away!

May 10, 2022 Otako Season 2 Episode 8
Hear My True Story
Why migrant workers in Saudi Arabia have their passports taken away!
Show Notes

In this episode we have a conversation with Nakitende Sarah. She tells how and why she ended up in Saudi Arabia as a domestic worker and her passport was confiscated when she arrived at the airport in Saudi Arabia.

She is a filmmaker. She has worked on several film projects in Uganda such as Calle Between us as, kyaddala, a television series etc. She is also a cook and focuses on outdoor catering, launches, weddings, birthday parties, kuhingira, well being on the film set as well as catering for individuals who don't feel like cooking at a fair price. She is also a human rights activist fighting against human trafficking in Uganda.  Twitter @sarah_nakitende 

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