Hear My True Story

What I fear most in life! It is Fear itself!

May 03, 2022 Otako Season 2 Episode 7
Hear My True Story
What I fear most in life! It is Fear itself!
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In this episode we have a true story of Nakitende Sarah. She is a filmmaker. She has worked on several film projects in Uganda such as Calle Between us as, kyaddala, a television series etc. She is also a cook and focuses on outdoor catering, launches, weddings, birthday parties, kuhingira, well being on the film set as well as catering for individuals who don't feel like cooking at a fair price. She is also a human rights activist fighting against human trafficking in Uganda.  Twitter @sarah_nakitende

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When you ask me what I fear most in life, I will definitely respond and say its fear. It hurts yo fear what you do not know. It hurts to fear yourself. You would not even trust anyone in life if you do.
My name is Nakitende Sarah. I am a film maker. I have acted in a movie Calle Between us as..Nurse, kyaddala series as the bloody doctor I am also a chef, I do outside catering, introductions, weddings, birthdays parties, kuhingira, film set welfare and individuals who feel like not cooking at a fair price as well as human activist. 
We were born 3 of us to our parents in Mukono district in a remote area called Ttaba very deep in the village;my two brothers and I. Unfortunately my young brother passed on and we are now two. However , my dad has fathered many other children with other women. . Growing up, we  lived on a very big piece of land that my grandfather gave them. Mother worked so hard on the farm growing food and Vanilla plus coffee for sale. It was at the time when Vanilla and coffee were widely grown in the country as cash crops. While my father did fishing. In that way our parents were able to provide for us.
My parents married at a very young age. They failed to agree on many things and therefore fought alot. I was told that my mother once left me when I was a baby in the house at night and went to the forest to wait for my father on his way from the night disco where she assumed he had gone to meet his other women. Our home was.  . This led to bitter fight between the two.
Their fights and lack of affection for each other negatively affected me.
I grew up so nervous, depressed, fearful and hateful.
I hated my father so much while growing up. I saw him like a father who did not love his children, a husband who never appreciated his wife. Because of this I grew up with a hate for men around me and those who came in my life. I only saw the bad in them. 
Because of the non stop fighting and disagreements between my parents, my mother decided to leave her marriage. She left with our youngest brother leaving the two of us behind with dad. 
Life started to change without her, for us and for our father. Because he did not know how to cook and had to provide food for us, he  would always drop us off at his mother Then picked us up in the evenings when he returned. He worked at the market in Najjembe mabira forest. 
Shortly after ,, dad brought a new wife. And when my mother heard of it, she could not permit another woman to raise her children so she came for us and took us to stay with her at her mother's place. We were finally reunited with our younger brother and mother.
Mother sold drinking water in the market which was along the mabira forest highway  to make ends meet as well as pay our school fees. Bottled water cost about ...dollars. She would pack the water bottles in a small bucket which she carried on her shoulder. When a travelling car or bus pulled over, mother would run with the bucket to the car window to sell competing with other sellers, some selling water, roasted maize, chicken and muchomo. On a good day she came home with 20000ugx.
Mother and auntie provided and somehow we managed to go to school. At this moment, we did not hear from our father. One time , our little brother fell so sick that he needed an operation from India.He had a heart problem .Many people contributed to help my brother through the community leaders but due to corruption, the money did not reach my mother. Mother was in a dilema but she kept strong and kept working one job after another to buy relief medication for my brother as well as our school fees 
I remember onetime I was sent back home to collect fees balance. My mother was a baby sitter then earning less than a dollar a day. Tears escaped my eyes as I saw her gather all her little savings so I could go back to school. Life was so challenging for me at school.
Being young, I wished to be like other students who lived large at school. While others brought bread spread with blueband, nuts,juice to school, I brought raw mangoes which I picked on the way to school.
However, I was lucky to finish my high school and immediately I started to look for a job so we raise enough money to take my brother to India for treatment. But high paying jobs or the available jobs required work experience which I did not have . So finding became hard.
Lucky enough after a long period of searching, a friend connected to her former job as she had found a new job.I started to sell airtime cards and charge phones for people who did not have their phone chargers or charging space. I used universal chargers to charge their phones. They would leave the phones charging and pick them when they are fully charged. The lowest airtime card went for 500sh and charging a phone cost 500sh do I earned commission off the airtime cards and the money from charging people's phones. This was not enough to provide for my brother's treament in India and food at home so I opted to go work abroad. This is a story for another day but I forgave my father and understood him and his mistakes, I mean every one of us have failures that were just misinterpreted by our people.