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Why do Germans have so many types of bread?

August 02, 2022 Otako Season 2 Episode 20
Hear My True Story
Why do Germans have so many types of bread?
Hear My True Story
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Show Notes

With so many types of bread in Germany, it can sometimes be difficult to choose when you're at the bakery!
In this episode, CJ and Otako share their experiences with a cultural food sock they experienced when they came to Germany in 2019 and how they couldn't understand why Germans eat bread for lunch, dinner, breakfast and even as a snack!

Good bread is part of the German culture
There are more than 3200 officially recognized bread varieties in Germany, says the "Deutsches Brotinstitut" (German Bread Institute). Some of the varieties even differ depending on the region in which they are located. In fact, the main reason why there are so many bread varieties in Germany is because there are so many rye, spelt and wheat varieties that are native to the country.

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