Hear My True Story

Live in Uganda/Africa as a foreigner. Learn to speak a local language.

November 29, 2022 Otako Episode 37
Hear My True Story
Live in Uganda/Africa as a foreigner. Learn to speak a local language.
Hear My True Story
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Show Notes

In this episode, we continue part 3 of the conversation with our guest Keren. After living in Uganda for over 10 years, she did not only strive to understand the cultures and integrate into the Ugandan community, but also learnt one of the most spoken languages in central Uganda, Luganda.

Keren's Story:
Keren Riley is the founder of the "REUNITE" project and works in various capacities, including as , investigator, and photographer. She has lived and worked in Uganda since 2010. She is an adoptive parent of a Ugandan son who is now an adult, and he is one of the inspirations for her work. Her background is in performing and visual arts, but since adopting her son in 2005, she has also become passionate about the issues facing children in foster care and children without parental care in Uganda.  She brings this passion to the heart of Reunite.

About Reunite:
Reunite is a small project currently running under the registered Ugandan NGO "Alternative Care Initiatives" with a great concern to reunite children with their families. Love and justice are at the heart of what we do. Since 2011, we have been reuniting children with their families who have been stuck in orphanages, trafficked for international adoption, abducted, or born in the government psychiatric hospital.

We conduct thorough research to find the families of the children we work with, and when appropriate, the child returns home. After reunification, we continue to visit the children and their families regularly. Usually poverty is the reason for the family's separation, so we help strengthen the family economically, and if family mediation is needed, we help with that as well. The families who have participated in our program have started a variety of businesses, including barber stores, dry cleaners, animal husbandry, clothing stores, hair salons, agriculture, etc.

How you can support Reunite:
Donations keep Reunite's work going. Click here to Donate

Get in contact with Reunite
Website: Reunite
Facebook: Reunite
Instagram: reunite1
Email: reuniteuganda@gmail.com

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