Hear My True Story

How Storytelling and Creative Writing Helped a Survivor Escape from Traffickers in Oman

January 03, 2023 Otako Season 2 Episode 42
Hear My True Story
How Storytelling and Creative Writing Helped a Survivor Escape from Traffickers in Oman
Hear My True Story
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Show Notes

Attention. There are some very sensitive, touching true stories in this episode and we advise you not to listen if you cannot handle such true stories, or we advise you to listen to them with someone.

In this episode we continue our conversation with Joan Ndagire, a Ugandan activist and survivor of human trafficking. She shares her personal story of how storytelling and creative writing helped her escape traffickers in Oman, West Asia.

Biography: Joan
Joan is an artist (mainly a writer), an award-winning filmmaker and a survivor of human trafficking. She is committed to the fight against human trafficking. Her journey began in 2018 as a victim and survivor returning from Oman. Since then, stories have been published and Joan has been involved in various actions to fight this vice. As an artist and writer, she has written poetry and plays on the topic of human trafficking and made films such as HELP FIND ME, a documentary that highlights the reasons why various survivors fled the country and their experiences. Joan believes that teaching people, especially in the arts such as filmmaking, can prevent human trafficking from happening again or for the first time. For this reason, she is undertaking professional training so that she can teach more trafficking survivors practical skills that will enable them to earn money. Joan has worked with various organisations including Omuti Kreativ, Papa Odet Foundation, UCATIP (Uganda Coalition Against Trafficking in Persons), John Paul II Justice and Peace Centre, University of Tropical Science, Liverpool, Africa Faith And Justice Network and others. She has already written a series (BETWEEN US), an African love story hampered by differences between parents, which is running on Peral Magic.

Get in Touch:
Facebook: Ndagire Joaita Josh
Twitter: @Ndagirejjwrite1
LinkedIn : Ndagire Joanita joshirah
Email: ndagirejjwriter@gmail.com
YouTube: @ndagirejjoshirahwriter3737

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