Hear My True Story

Essays of a Revolutionary MC: Unveiling the Stories Behind the Struggle

November 14, 2023 Otako Season 4 Episode 7
Hear My True Story
Essays of a Revolutionary MC: Unveiling the Stories Behind the Struggle
Hear My True Story
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Show Notes

In this compelling episode of "Hear My True Story," we are honored to host the passionate and fearless Luganda political rapper, Bana Mutibwa, as he takes us on a journey through the personal narratives that fuel his upcoming album, "Essays of a Revolutionary MC." Drawing inspiration from George Orwell's timeless words – "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" – Bana Mutibwa shares how he refuses to compromise his conscience in the face of adversity.

Join us as Bana Mutibwa delves into the heart of his music, which deviates from the conventional and fearlessly challenges political norms. His cutting-edge rhymes serve as a powerful tool against Museveni's dictatorship, echoing the sentiments of fellow activist Bobi Wine: "Thank you brother #BanaMutibwa for not selling your conscience for a few pieces of silver. Indeed, history will absolve you."

Residing in Denmark, Bana Mutibwa continues his democracy and freedom activism professionally, using his voice to shed light on the struggles faced by his motherland, Uganda. As he prepares to release his long-awaited album, he discusses the significance of each song, providing a glimpse into the revolutionary waves his Lugaflow music has already stirred in Uganda.

Don't miss this episode that explores the essence of Bana Mutibwa's artistry, as he proves that being a true revolutionary means using your voice to stand by the truth. #TheRealRevolutionaries are those who, like Bana Mutibwa, utilize their means to bring attention to the issues affecting democracy in Uganda. History will indeed absolve those who dare to speak truth to power.

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