Hear My True Story

Dogs Culture in Germany and Uganda

November 16, 2021 Otako ,Mandy and Carol Season 1 Episode 10
Hear My True Story
Dogs Culture in Germany and Uganda
Show Notes

In this episode, we talk to Mandy Dunker and Carol Kiwanuka about the cultural differences between Germany and Uganda when it comes to dogs as pets. 

Mandy is a passionate dog lover, but also a strong activist for animal rights. During her year-long stay in Uganda, where she supported the anti-trafficking organization, she also used some of the time to fight for the rights of dogs and other animals. But how could she do that in a culture where dogs or animals are perceived differently? In this podcast, we hear about her personal experiences living in Uganda and falling in love with a puppy she later rescued from being abandoned on the streets of Kampala, named him Baloo, and the two now live happily in Germany. 

Carol worked with Mandy in Uganda and couldn't really understand why anyone would have so much love for a dog. But when she moved to Germany in 2019, she experienced a culture shock when it comes to the dog culture in Germany. In this episode, she also shares her very personal experiences with dogs in Germany and Uganda. 

Mandy's DREAM is to start a dog rescue center in Uganda where there are more dogs that need to be saved from harm by people who know nothing about dogs. She also wants to raise awareness about how people can live happily with dogs in their communities, but she can't do it alone. You can contact Mandy through these contact mandyretuznika@web.de and support her in achieving her dream with whatever you have. 


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