Hear My True Story

If there are really angels, I met one in Hamburg!

November 30, 2021 Otako Episode 12
Hear My True Story
If there are really angels, I met one in Hamburg!
Show Notes

The song you hear in this episode was sung and written by Edrine Matovu and Aldo Onyango. Onyango tells his personal true story in this episode.  He first told this story in 2021 during the Black History Month celebration at the Hessisches Landestheater Marburg in Germany.

As part of Black History Month Marburg, a multi-part online workshop "Storytelling" took place.  The participants were introduced to the methodology of "True Storytelling" and were guided in the creative implementation of their story, emotionally supported and extensively. 
The individual stories were developed with Otako, a theater activist, actor, acting teacher and storyteller from Marburg.

When was the last time you felt really strong, proud and beautiful in your own skin? When did you feel completely at home? When were you really empowered?  Aldo Onyango, among other with other storytellers, addressed these questions and shared their stories of personal empowerment. The stories will were be presented digitally online at  7:30 p.m. on April 25, 2021. 

When Oyango is not telling stories or making music, he works as a certified educator  in Germany. To enjoy more  the music of Oynago Aldo and Matovu Edrine, you can listen to it on all online music platforms

  1. Youtube : Edrine Matovu Arts
  2. iTunes
  3. Spotify  etc

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