Hear My True Story

Children in Uganda urgently need spaces to access creative arts!

February 15, 2022 Otako Season 1 Episode 22
Hear My True Story
Children in Uganda urgently need spaces to access creative arts!
Show Notes

In this episode, Zoey talks about how children in Uganda desperately need spaces to access creative arts like theater for kids and dance for kids. She talks about how parents, communities, and the government should make more efforts to provide these spaces for free.

Kayendeke Zoey Patricia  is a Ugandan folklore storyteller known as #Zoeythestoryteller, poet, musician and theater maker for children and adults.  Kayendeke Zoey hails from the eastern part of Uganda. She is both a Munyole and a Mugwere. But she is fluent in Lugwere, Lusoga, a little Luganda and French. She loves the microphone and lives by biblical principles. She is a lover of Christ and a lover of people. Over the years she has learned never to condemn a soul, but to pray for them and love them with the eyes of Christ who died for them. Whoever condemns a person commits the same mistake. Don't forget to follow her Facebook page "Zoey -Thestoryteller"and YouTube channel ;"African Zoey"
Zoey has a story to share with the world

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